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About Philadelphia

Much-loved ‘Philly’; once the thriving colonial kingpin of British imperialism in America, then an early powerhouse of national independence; home to some of the best-preserved architectural remnants of colonial rule, and at the same time a proud and pristine monument to revolutionary success.
Ask any Philadelphia tour guide and they’ll tell you of the majestic downtown gardens of the Center City. It’s a district patchwork of historic neighbourhoods and beautiful streets that ranges from the bubbling gastronomic heart of Washington Square, where trendy bars and eateries are riding Philly’s recent wave of cosmopolitan cuisine, to the riverside spot of Penn’s Landing, where locals gather in the evening sun for concerts and festivities amidst an array of old military exhibitions.
But history lovers will be happiest when strolling the green swathes of land near Philadelphia’s Old City district. Here, the very buildings where Washington and Adams first nurtured the sprigs of revolution can still be seen, while the great cracked Liberty Bell near Independence Hall sits pride-of-place on the grass of busy Market Street.

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