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About Palm Bay

Equidistant between Miami and Jacksonville, where the sun shines over Florida’s shoreline, lies the residential coastal town of Palm Bay. An average year-round temperature of 72 degrees coaxes the locals to spend their lunch hours at the beach and happy hours on the golf course. With the Atlantic Coast at their fingertips, surfing, kayaking, sunbathing, and deep-sea fishing are just the usual daily activities in Palm Bay, and its’ visitors find adjusting to this lifestyle hardly takes time upon arrival. Beachfront hotels, camp sights, and rental homes are awaiting the many travellers that seek refuge in Palm Bay’s sun when their own hometowns have become ridden with winter’s kiss.
There is however, just as much inland attraction as there is seaside. While the beachside restaurants, bars, and shops satisfy that vacation lust, let your Palm Bay tour guide introduce you to the city’s underlying jazz, rock, and blues music scene that continues to culture-up local venues. Turkey Creek Sanctuary and countless city parks offer outdoor attractions away from the beach, making this town as well rounded, as it is sunny.  And it’s pretty sunny. 

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