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About Orlando

A colossal range of rollercoasters, slides, rides, adrenaline pumping activities and curious attractions that form the combined wealth of Walt Disney World, Wet 'N Wild, the Universal Resort, Gatorland, the SeaWorld Adventure Park and Aquatica; the best explanation of what continues to thrust Florida’s fifth-largest city into the very forefront of American family holidaying. Having said that, away from the energetic veneer, visitors are bound to discover a whole host of other gems around the metropolis, ranging from NBA basketball events, lively cultural shows and museums, the sprawling Florida Mall and the curious eateries of so-called Little Saigon, to the shimmering sand stretches of the nearby Gulf Coast.
And once you are done with the daytime, be sure to ask your Orlando tour guide for tips on where to experience the full force of this city’s hedonistic vibe; weaving between the heady clubs of Orange Avenue downtown, with an icy Caribbean rum punch in hand, swaying to the cosmopolitan tunes of Mexican mariachi, Brazilian samba and the all-American soundtrack of partying Spring Breakers to boot.

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