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My daughter and I took the St. Louis Cemetery tour and enjoyed it so much we came back for a ghost tour later in the afternoon. Randy is a volunteer ... More more right

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Peter was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Highly recommend. More more right

Review for Peter Lynch, Tour guide in New Orleans, United States of America

I have been on two different walking tours with Charles Duffy and each of them were fascinating; funny and entertaining. He is a very good ... More more right

Review for Charles Duffy, Tour guide in New Orleans, United States of America

About New Orleans

New Orleans is a city like none other and a traveller’s dream. Located in Louisiana, a creole-Cajun spice runs through the city’s veins, infiltrating its’ food, people, history and nightlife, while its’ French roots give this destination a charming and unique architectural appearance. It’s wild party scene, Dixieland jazz, culinary conquests and mysterious voodoo culture has made New Orleans a sound success for families, couples, and singles.
Tourists eager to let loose hurdle to Bourbon Street for the rowdiest party scene at Mardi Gras, while a quieter ambience can be found in some of the world’s best Jazz clubs. A nighttime walk through its’ haunted ceremonies or visit to a voodoo temple offers a scarier thrill, and New Orleans’ historic French Quarter houses the city’s classic restaurants, music venues, and shops. Regardless of the path you choose to walk, there’s a New Orleans tour guide to lead you. Known for its’ welcoming tourism office and many multifarious tour options, there’s no reason not to plan your next trip to New Orleans. 

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