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About Naperville

Hollywood’s ‘Pleasantville’ version of small-town charm comes to life in Naperville, Illinois, complete with riverside walking grounds and a 19th Century outdoor village. The ultimate in wholesome family fun, the Naper Settlement features 30 restored buildings among which costumed ‘residents’ detail the daily existence of life during Naperville’s first 100 years. But the present-day town is just as enticing, with a picturesque Riverwalk that’s won state and national awards for its’ functional design and scenic beauty. Meanwhile, a stroll through downtown offers the bustling excitement of modern boutiques and eateries, with sidewalk murals of the town’s history.
Your Naperville tour guide will remind you of the town’s aquatic appeal, encouraging a day in the sun at Centennial Beach or Paddleboat Quarry. Colorful paddleboats brighten the smooth-as-glass water, as visitors and locals alike rent them for an active outing. For any family seeking big time fun in a quaint small town, a trip to Naperville ends their search with success.

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