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About Napa

A wine country nestled in northern California, Napa is a worldwide destination for romantic getaways and friends’ weekends. Sprawling vineyards amidst hilly landscapes engage tourists immediately upon arrival, leaving them numb to any feelings beyond utter relaxation. Locally made wine accompanied by wine tours, fine dining, and luxurious spas are just the beginning of indulgent outlets in this town; your Napa tour guide can direct you to the hot air balloon rides and bike excursions also happily plaguing the city’s tourists.
The only thing left to do is book your trip. When to go? Spring and summer visits come with plentiful vines, bursting in bloom after the winter’s late rains. The arrival of fall brings harvest season with it, and the foliage turns into dazzling autumn colors while the grapes are gathered. Live music, festivals, and subsequent crowds are most common June through the October, while winter brings just as picturesque surroundings with far less travellers. To escape the tourist prices and avoid colder weather, April and November are ideal months for budget-friendly travel to Napa’s wine, food, and indulgence. 

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