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Rugg's is awesome I highly recommend them. The horses are great and Kip and Ray were fantastic. We had a 4 hour ride with beautiful views and saw ... More more right

Review for Ray Rugg, Tour guide in Missoula, United States of America

I have had several memorable days on the Missouri River with Garrett. His ability to find fish is remarkable, but more importantly is the way he ... More more right

Review for Garrett Munson, Tour guide in Missoula, United States of America

About Missoula

Tucked among the greenery of the northern Rocky Mountains, Missoula is nicknamed “Garden City” for its’ dense forest-like landscape. With this town’s natural beauty comes the entertainment and sites of a modernized mountainous town. Badgers, coyotes, and black bears are among the many animals that call Missoula’s land home, and hunting or wildlife watching are treasured activities in this Montana town. While their plentiful hiking trails, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and rafting bring you up close with the local animals in the summer, winter in Missoula offers refreshing hot springs, chilling ice fishing, and exhilarating snow sports. 
Wind down from your outdoor activities with your Missoula tour guide at one of the town’s breweries, wineries, or distilleries. Plus, with no sales tax, a day spent shopping at their unique boutiques or fully stocked mall offers further opportunities for guilt-free indulgence. Missoula’s well-balanced menu of activity and relaxation is a much-appreciated getaway for any time of year.

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