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About Miami Beach

This sunny resort town is a highly travelled destination, particularly for its’ expansive beaches and varied neighborhoods. The northern regions of Miami Beach are lively but peaceful, while South Beach is as glamorous as it is expensive; it’s common to seek affordable lodging in the city’s quieter neighborhoods and head south for a dose of luxurious dining or partying at one of the many chic nightlife spots. The beaches cater to different personalities as much as the neighborhoods do, with nudist, LGBT, fishing, and family-friendly opportunities being just a handful of the sunbathing options available. Regardless of the beach, water sports, sailing, and boat tours await you.
As noted in its’ varied beach genres, Miami Beach is an open-minded melting pot of different cultures; prevalent Jewish and Hispanic populations call this coastal town home, and a good Miami Beach tour guide would encourage you to dive head first into the diversified culture. Kosher delis and Cuban diners are equally authentic here, while performing art centers highlight roots in a myriad of cultural backgrounds. So snorkel in the nude, eat a knish and learn to salsa… or just read a book in the sun. 

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