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About Melbourne

Miles of pristine beaches line the coast of Melbourne, enticing all who visit to kick off their shoes, jump in their swimsuits, and blissfully collapse underneath Florida’s shimmering sunshine. If total relaxation seems unappealing to the can’t-sit-still type, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and golfing are cornerstones of Melbourne living. Hop on a swamp tour or glide along the lagoon for a waterside look into the city’s many creatures, currents and coastal views.
As any Melbourne tour guide will remind you, the Kennedy Space Center sits nearby and entices all who visit with hands-on attractions and out-of-this-word exhibits! The city’s close proximity to a NASA attraction has made it the host of many annual festivals, including Aviation Day. Additionally, Independent Film Maker’s Festival, Arts Festival and Oktoberfest all find a home in this Floridian city, drawing in locals and visitors alike. But regardless of whether you head down for a space-inspired visit, snorkeling expedition, or some old-fashioned rest and relaxation, every tourist finds paradise beneath Melbourne’s glistening daytime warmth and breathtaking sunsets.

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