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We booked a beach hike with these guys back in August and our tour guide, Gemma was lovely. We enjoyed the tour and took some stunning photos along ... More more right

Review for Andromeda Retreats & Travel , Tour guide in Los Angeles, United States of America

About Los Angeles

Home to Hollywood’s celeb-lifestyle, Rodeo Drive’s posh, and that southern California heat, Los Angeles is a city to see and be seen. A night out downtown brings you face-to-face with some of the best-dressed people this side of New York, but a visit to its’ suburbs finds cool sports bars and charming eateries. With mild temperatures year-round and extremely limited humidity, every day can be a beach day…and most locals will tell you they usually all are. The nearby Santa Monica Pier and hippie-driven Venice Beach are SoCal staples but some time indoors must be spent visiting one of the many live television show tapings or enjoying a film studio tour- after all, it’s still Hollywood!
While any LA tour guide will suggest a mandatory trip through the Hollywood Walk of Fame, much of this city’s charm lies in the air rather than specific locations. An unusual ambiance of confident swagger and laid-back friendliness fill the atmosphere, and it’s easy for visitors to sense that famed Los Angeles flair the moment they touch down at LAX airport. 

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