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About Jacksonville (Florida)

The largest (by area) city and port combo in the entire United States of America, Jacksonville is today a hotspot for people looking to settle and travelers alike. And while it's true that there is an endless array of sights and sounds here, most visitors to Jax first make a quick beeline to the shimmering beaches on the Florida coast at sun-kissed Atlantic Beach or villa-spotted Neptune Beach. Soon enough, in a whirlwind of BBQ cook ups and youthful microbrews, the Southern charms work their magic, and one can look forward to endless nightlife haunts, open-air festivals of the Jacksonville Landing and the spiced-up taco joints of pueblo-esque San Marco. And that's not even mentioning the boho bars of up-coming Five Points, the Anglo-Tudor pizzazz of Avondale, the American masterworks at the Cummer Museum, the buzzing craft shows, the reverberating blues dives – the Jacksonville tour guide to-do list goes on.

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