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About Honolulu

While Honolulu is technically an American city, it’s unique tropical and mountainous landscape, traditional luaus, and dedication to surfing feel more like the lovechild of Southeast Asia and a Caribbean island. Spread throughout Hawaii’s Oahu Island, Honolulu stretches from Pearl Harbor to Makapuu Point but its’ most revered section, Waikiki, lies in between. A dream destination for surfers from around the world, Waikiki is the hub of tourism in Honolulu and beloved for its sandy white beaches, shopping, and resorts.
While your Honolulu tour guide will encourage you to enjoy the local food, attend a traditional luau, and visit the historic sites of Pear Harbor, the crystal blue ocean waters still remain this city’s biggest draw. Such is the commitment to an island lifestyle that formal wear is scarcely seen, as good beach weather is an eternal reality in Honolulu and days without are as rare as a local in elegant evening wear.

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