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About Great Falls

In 1805 Lewis and Clark discovered Great Falls to be a treasure chest of sparkling river rapids and promising settlement. While the falls of Missouri River have since been tamed through man-made dams, the early visions of Great Falls thrive and the city thrives as Montana’s 3rd largest. The flowing falls that first caught those famed explorers eyes so long ago continues as the backbone of the city, and a thirst for outdoor activity has flourished around it.
With 40 miles of trail running along Missouri River’s edge, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking are just a handful of endeavors awaiting the active traveller. Winter brings storms of skiing and snowshoeing, but those who prefer spectating might head to the local baseball field or water park in warmer months. State fairs and rodeo circuits remind visitors of Great Falls’ small town charm, but any tour guide would promise volumes of big city entertainment awaits. Lewis and Clark would be proud.

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