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About Georgetown

Known as the Red Poppy Capital of Texas, Georgetown’s abundant floral landmarks are among the many sources of beauty in this Southern town. An impeccably reserved district of pre-WWI and Victorian houses has created a picturesque beauty and stroll-worthy streetscape; even Georgetown’s commercial offices have a quaint architectural design that make most passer-byers feel a blissful calmness regardless of their day’s plan. With three National Register Historic Districts, this central Texan town overflows with enough architectural delights to captivate even the gloomiest of travellers.
The city’s physical appeal is just the beginning of its’ tourism draw. The San Gabriel River and Georgetown Lake orient the town, providing visitors and locals alike with blue lagoon swimming, fishing, boating, and a myriad of hiking and cycling trails. Its’ lakeside locale and wildlife preserve are the perfect backdrop for an outdoor affair, drawing in campers from near and far to relish in Georgetown’s natural beauty while sleeping among it. Your Georgetown tour guide will lead you to the formations at the Inner Space Caverns to marvel further at nature’s aesthetic charm. This Texan destination has truly become a dream getaway. 

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