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About Fort Pierce

If scuba diving, snorkeling or fishing makes your eager heart skip a beat, book a trip to Fort Pierce today! Nestled on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, Fort Pierce’s colorful reefs and richly inhabited lagoon gives visitors an up-close look at life beneath the ocean’s surface.  The Indian River Lagoon boats 4,000 species of plants and animals, and boat tours guide cheering visitors through the waterway for dolphin and manatee sightings. A day of such excitement calls for another of total relaxation, and Fort Pierce’s ample beaches and nearby winery is the perfect supplier.
Your Fort Pierce tour guide will highlight that the city is far more than just another beach town. A 1920s-era theater and City Hall building offer a charming vintage ambience, but the emphasis on wildlife is really what distinguishes Fort Pierce from its’ neighboring coastal towns. The city’s botanical garden, aquarium, and Manatee observation center are home to animals and plants from around the world. With its’ high quality aquatic tours and inland observatories, Fort Pierce offers a unique insight to wildlife, local and foreign.

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