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David is a fabulous guide. I did the 17 day overland adventure trip in Alaska and had the most amazing time ever. David is very knowledgeable about ... More more right

Review for David Patrick, Tour guide in Flagstaff, United States of America

About Flagstaff

As the self-proclaimed recreational center of Northern Arizona, a trip to Flagstaff is often bursting with activity and deftly void of boredom. Located at the base of Arizona’s highest mountain, Humphrey’s Peak, the stage is immediately set for a city rich in outdoor adventure. With a height of 12,634, Flagstaff’s highland is the perfect setting for any hiking and biking extraordinaire, but cross-country and downhill skiers embark for the city when snow covers its’ mountainous range. Local reservoirs and lakes converts dedicated land-lovers to its’ realms, as its’ aquatic draw pulls locals and visitors alike to boats, kayaks, and fishing reels in the Arizona sun.

As any Flagstaff tour guide will tell you, the city’s wonder continues beyond its’ borders. Just 80 miles from the Grand Canyon, a stay in Flagstaff offers a day trip to one of the country’s greatest natural scenes. Still, nearby canyons engulf the scenery, providing those uninterested in a long road trip with shorter, mini outings to relish in the city’s innate grandeur.

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