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I had always been intensely interested in the Andes survivors story. When I found out that Ricardo ran an annual trip with Eduardo Strauch (one of ... More more right

Review for Ricardo Pena, Tour guide in Denver, United States of America

About Denver

One of the Rocky Mountains’ most enticing tourist towns is Colorado’s capital, Denver. A well-balanced city, Denver holds tights to its’ cowboy western past and sprawling mountainous backdrop, while embracing its’ role as a growing metropolis. Though its’ urbanization continues to grow among skyscrapers and bright lights, it is hard to deny the draw of the far more low key Rocky Mountains. Attracting traditional and non-traditional sporting enthusiasts, hiking, hot air ballooning, cycling, and skiing are among the many outdoor activities drawing in tourists year round.
Any good Denver tour guide will tell you its’ downhome country roots extend far past the mountains, and right onto the city’s dinner plates. Like much of Denver’s personality, its’ cuisine is a well matched meeting of opposites; cozy comfort food and refined farm-to-table menus both maintain a respectful hold at local eateries. That said, when you order Denver’s special Rocky Mountain Oysters, you will in fact be served fried bulls testicles! If that doesn’t prove the city’s refined equilibrium, you’ll just have to head down to Denver and see for yourself!

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