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About Daytona Beach

Known for its NASCAR speedway and car racing community, exhilaration is found on every corner of Daytona Beach. The city’s hard packed sand beaches have made it a holy land for motorsports of all kinds, but Florida’s sunny Atlantic coastline offers far more than fast automobiles. 23 miles of clean, sandy shorelines await the countless tourists who vacation here each year. Water sports, boating excursions, and coastal views are among the standard beach town amenities spilling over Daytona’s sunny shores but hardly the full extent of its’ offerings. Cultural museums and pristine golf courses are sprawled throughout the town, while the charming historic boardwalk boasts a Ferris wheel, arcade, and go-karting for well-rounded fun amidst a nautical ambiance.
With daytime winter highs hovering around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, a Daytona tour guide will count on spring and fall as high seasons for tourism. Early March brings sunbathers to the beach, while summer sees humid, wetter weather. Regardless of the time of year, glistening sunshine and warm locals make any day worthy of a vacation to Daytona Beach.

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