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About Dallas

While many view Dallas as a big-steak eating, cowboy boot wearing Southern stereotype, it’s historical roots and trendy shops prove there’s much more happening under the surface. Seeing the sites in Dallas often mean diving into the country’s history; The John F. Kennedy Memorial sheds light on the city’s bleaker hours, while the Heritage Farmstead transports visitors back to 1891. A trip to the original Neiman Marcus department store returns tourists to this century, and the country’s largest Art Districts indulge locals and visitors alike in 19-block long outpouring of galleries, museums, and theaters.
Still, a good Dallas tour guide will remind you just how into the deep South you are, encouraging a visit to one of their famed BBQ joints or rowdy honkytonks.  The BBQ cuisine is incomparable to anywhere else but vegetarians beware, this is a meat-lovers paradise; BBQ-ing brisket and grilling steaks the size of your face is a time-honored tradition in Dallas. And much like the rest of the city, not to be missed. 

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