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About College Station

College Station rightfully earned its’ name as home to Texas A&M University and a nearby railroad station. As such, this city offers all the nightlife and excitement of any bustling college town but its’ lovely dose of Southern Charm appeals to visitors of all ages. The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the area’s most popular attraction draws in tourists year round, while the university’s beloved football team attracts local supporters and countrywide sports fan during the season. Regardless of when you visit, your College Station tour guide would suggest a visit to the Messina Hof Winery & Resort for pure relaxation, with their peaceful waterfall and fresh, on-site cuisine. This apart, College Station offers attractive lodging opportunities for a variety of interests; high-end spas, romantic lodges, and even local campgrounds are just a sampling of possibilities for those visiting this Central Texas town.
With a lively downtown neighborhood and plentiful parks, this town is far more than a regular college town; the Texas A&M spirit runs deep through the city’s veins, so be prepared for a healthy serving of university pride.

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