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He was the best guide I've ever had very energetic and enthusiastic about his job I've never laughed so much a bad rock joke ands his ending joke is ... More more right

Review for Hunter Henry, Tour guide in Chattanooga, United States of America

About Chattanooga

Rich in history, Chattanooga tells a story of past Civil War battles and Trail of Tears beginnings. Its’ calculated position near major river ways and rail systems made the city a gateway to the Deep South, and a common site for Confederate and Union soldiers’ bloodiest battles. Decades earlier, American Indians departed from Chattanooga’s Ross’s Landing and thus began the Cherokees departure west, known as the Trail of Tears. This historic land now serves as a go-to destination, ripe with sites of antiquity, outdoor adventures, and cultural offerings perfectly tailored for a family getaway or romantic weekend.
Any good Chattanooga tour guide will suggest you try a piece of everything this southern city has to offer, but it’s not such an easy feat. The mountainous lookout points, old-fashioned train rides, military roots, and performing arts offerings create a deeply historic city thrust into today’s world with grace, beauty, and a neighborhood-like comfort. 

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