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About Charleston (South Carolina)

The smell of jasmine and honeysuckle, the sound of horse-drawn carriages trotting through town, and the sight of cobblestone streets ignite the senses, alerting visitors of their arrival at Charleston, a city that epitomises Southern romance. Old school Southern charm runs deep through the veins of this beautiful city, as widespread plantations, antiquely church steeples, and stately mansions-turned-B&Bs maintain architectural roots along the streetscape.
While your Charleston tour guide extolls the many virtues of South Carolina’s cherished city, strolling down it’s streets is a tradition as organic to the area as its’ down-home cuisine. A myriad of international restaurants can be found here, gourmet and traditional southern comfort food being its’ crowning jewel. After stuffing yourself on the crispiest fried chicken in town, ghost tours, art galleries, beaches, and nightlife await. Whilst one might find it difficult to decide exactly what to include on a weekend’s itinerary in Charleston, the solution is easy: book a weeklong visit, and then stay for another.

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