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About Camden (New Jersey)

Camden might have a bad name for its' unrefined urban edge, but the city's thriving waterfront community is a destination in and of itself. Located on the Delaware River’s bank, it lies just across Philadelphia's historic district and creates a bustling double-sided waterfront. On Camden's flank, the river becomes a fitting backdrop for a myriad of water attractions and outdoor activities. An active marina and park sit next to the Adventure Aquarium, where underwater tunnels let visitors stroll with the sharks and get up close & personal to the hippos. Food truck Friday, 3rd Thursday Art Crawl, and a lengthy calendar of live musical performances keep the waterfront booming, while the Camden’s minor league baseball team brings America’s favorite pastime to the Delaware River.
Even though the city is slowly becoming gentrified, there are certainly neighborhoods to be wary of. A good Camden tour guide will be able to steer you away from unsafe areas but will make sure you don't miss any of the must-see attractions this city has to offer.

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