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About Buffalo

On the shores of Lake Erie, Buffalo is located in western New York right across from Canada and adjacent to Niagara Falls; but to overlook this city for its’ seemingly flashier neighbors would be a mistake. Beyond its’ wintry snow falls, Buffalo, NY has left its’ mark on the culinary and arts worlds. Inventor of the beloved buffalo wing, a visit to this snack’s official creator at Anchor Bar is a foodie‘s dream.  Their beef on weck and sponge candy are among the city’s gastronomic trademarks, but wine trails, farmer’s markets, and artisanal specialties are easily found among Buffalo’s 400 independently owned restaurants and eateries.
The established art community in Buffalo is as pleasantly surprising as its’ culinary one. Revered throughout the world, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s modern and contemporary pieces are one of a kind, while the exhibitions routinely change to eye-stopping installations. Having such enticing indoor activities is actually a happy relief, as any Buffalo tour guide will warn you of the frigid winter months. Often met with three to four significant snowstorms per year, warm layers are a requirement for visits made during colder seasons

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