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About Boulder

Boulder’s hip, artsy community and Rocky Mountain locale attracts visitors in masses. Young adults across the country head out to this Colorado town to relish in the urban atmosphere and outdoor adventure. Culinary gastro-pubs and artisanal shops line the streets, tech start-ups find booming homes in the city’s industrial community, unstructured expressions of creativity along the sidewalks and cafes supplement the cultural centers in town, and the great outdoors is never more than a few steps away. A multifaceted Boulder tour guide will effortlessly lead you through the city’s breweries, historic district, foodie must-stops, or hiking trail; whatever the passion, Boulder has an avenue to satisfy it.
For many, the heart-warming culture is simply a happy side note to the outpouring of activities wrapped around the nearby Rocky Mountain. The residents of Boulder universally embrace an active lifestyle, and bicycling is the most common mode of transportation. Rightfully voted #1 Sports Town in America" by Outside Magazine, hiking, rock climbing and ice climbing trails ranging from beginner to extremely advanced attract locals and tourists alike in droves. The nearby Ski Mountains entice winter travellers from all over; they are after all aware that missing out on all that Boulder has to offer would be a true mistake. 

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