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About Bend

If you crave a perfect ski day, dream of mountains molded for rock climbing, and fantasize about a sun-drenched day on the water, Bend, Oregon is calling your name. This northwest mountain town is the ultimate destination for active travellers and its’ surrounding area has more resorts than any other part of the state. It may seem like an odd hot spot, but no amount of elegant downtown areas or big city amenities could out-do Bend’s breathtakingly inviting natural surroundings; blue skies spread to the end of the world, while mountains and rivers sprout from the ground too precisely to seem real.
A good Bend tour guide would say this magnetic city need not compete with other towns’ lively nightlife, but it happily does. The Bend Ale Trail is the largest beer tour in the West and it doesn’t stop there. Whether you seek highbrow martini bars or a hometown tavern, a locally driven art gallery or mass shopping mall, Bend’s thriving mountain town is the place to find it. 

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