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About Beavercreek

As a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, Beavercreek has become one of the fastest growing cities in the area and boasts an exceptionally high quality of life for its’ residents. Its’ expansive wooded area is the perfect place for an outdoor escape and its’ two revered golf courses prove the positive effect of time spent in Beavercreek’s greenery. Meandering streams, forestry lands, and open space have made the ranking on Golf Digest’s ‘Places to Play,’ and draws visitors and locals seeking a day on the greens. In fact, so picturesque are the surroundings that many opt for outdoor weddings and celebrations amidst Beavercreek’s courses and parks.
Any good Beavercreek tour guide will remind you of its’ close proximity to Dayton, where tourism booms among fine arts and renowned pizza chains! Approximately ten minutes from its’ neighboring metropolis, Beavercreek is a short drive from Dayton and best traveled to by car. This close trip to a big city without the overwhelming energy has made Beavercreek a beloved destination by all who visit. 

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