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About Austin

From the buzzing boulevards of Downtown to the boho backstreets of East Austin, the hickory-smoked BBQ holes to the neon-lit Tex-Mex diners, the babbling swimming pools of Barton Springs to the grandiose rises of the Texas State Capitol (just check out that pink-hued neoclassical shell!), the chosen city of the Lone Star State is packed with awesome things to do and see. Broken up into a number of different neighborhoods, each with a distinct character of its own, the sprawling metropolis of nearly one million people is a real chameleon of a place. You can kayak down the courses of the Colorado River or scale the cliffs at Barton Creek, all before delving into the urban fray of the town for a fix of avant-garde art at the AMOA-Downtown, or a dose of regional history at the Bob Bullock Museum. And then there's its reputation as the music capital of the world. Get recommendations from your Austin tour guide on the top live spots to visit. There are loads, from kitschy pop holes to Creole jazz bars to amplifier-humming Bakersfield rock joints and classic country ranches, all thrumming with line dances and tunes until the early hours.

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