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About Anchorage

If you have yet to experience Anchorage’s unique wilderness and city lifestyle, you are sorely missing out. As the pulsing heartbeat of USA’s largest state, Anchorage is home to half Alaska’s residents and offers adventure of a whole different level. Beyond the traditional bird watching and hiking, this city’s parks see packs of wolves and glaciers. As for fishing, Anchorage’s listing on ‘America’s Best Fishing Cities’ offers far more than fly-fishing and fishermen here seek fresh salmon and halibut.
Its’ expansive acres of natural snowfall attract throngs of extreme sporting fanatics, wildlife seekers, and sightseers. Meanwhile, the glacial backdrop is beyond majestic and cruises, seaplanes, or hikes are premiere avenues for experiencing the city’s beauty. While one may assume its’ encapsulation among ice mountains make for frigid temperatures, many months see surprisingly milder weather- imagine watching glaciers glisten from the comfort of your shorts and t-shirt. And most Anchorage tour guides will remind you, this unique destination sees 22 hours of sunlight during the summer solstice and only 5 ½ during winter. 

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