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About Albuquerque

Albuquerque is where the old west meets a new city, and Native American culture intertwines with modern beliefs. As one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse cities, it guarantees an entrancement in the myriad of historical customs, modern happenings, and authentic cuisines. The happy co-existence of its’ locals is the true essence of the city. Modest adobe homes line the old town neighborhood, while nearby Nob Hill bursts with trendy restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Albuquerque’ s 300 days of sunshine beckon many, and visitors once acclimatized to its high elevation can look forward to a cultural orientation at its numerous museums and ethnic centers. Famous for its hot air ballooning, Albuquerque tour guides promise phenomenal views that perfectly cater to aerial tramway rides or hiking up Sandia Peak. The city is also an important part of American history; the country’s famous Route 66 runs directly through this New Mexico town. Those partaking in the now-epic road trip note the original bright lights of Route 66 alongside bright, electrifying neon signs paying homage to the old highway’s trademark décor.

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