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About United States of America

The United States of America is both intriguingly diverse and intimidatingly vast, making any short trip but a glimpse into the nation’s culture. While an international pride is persistently present, each state exists with its’ own personality and individual flair. There is a resounding American feel to every locale, making every stop as similar as they are different; country-road towns can feel rural to the point of isolation and big cities are as crowded as they are impressive. With surprises at every highway exit, the United States is a road tripper’s dream.

Much like its’ people, the states are diverse. As such, tourists’ are often surprised by the blatant truth and simultaneous falsity of so many American stereotypes, pleasantly discovering the different facets of ambition, beauty, and progress that create the many faces of its’ culture. It would be a description impossible to feel without direct experience, so set aside 10 years and discover it for yourself. Or ease in slowly and start with a week- like everyone else that visit, you’ll eventually find your way back.  

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