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About London

The city of London is not so much one harmonious metropolis as a curious conglomeration of districts, communities, cultures, creeds, religious faiths and various inner-city centres that converge to create a mass of touristic interest, one that would require time ad infinitum to explore with all the attention it really deserves.
Most London tour guides will point first-timers to the beating central heart of the city, to the green swathes of Hyde Park and Kensington, or the iconic gothic complex of Westminster Palace and the Norman style Tower of London. But London is a city hard to tame, and these most ubiquitous sights in isolation will do its bursting kaleidoscope of cultural hotspots, galleries, museums, historical ‘must sees’ and quirky hipster neighbourhoods very little justice.
For these, think about enlisting the help of an expert London tourist guide, who can aid in unravelling the mysterious underbelly of this city’s various sprawling urban centres, from the bohemian bars of Camden and the Eastside, to the Georgian residential districts of Chelsea and the Thames River Embankment.