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About United Arab Emirates

A fantasy destination in every sense of the word, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stand as a testament to the past, present and future of the Middle East. When you consider its economic, cultural and historical contributions, its safe to say the seven emirates that make up this country are nothing less than rich.
Alongside the countries of Saudi Arabia and Oman, two gulfs bind in this tiny nation: the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Skyline, sand and sea dominate its ever-changing landscape, just as its star cities - Abu Dhabi and Dubai - dominate world headlines. Stylish yet strict, these Islamic cities are ever on the cusp of the new (and even kooky), easily representing the possibilities of Arabian life in the East.
Travel guides to the United Arab Emirates will all allude to its prominence as a well-rounded vacation spot. Whether the notion of an exotic camel ride under a star-studded sky or a historic tour of the heritage sights has you booking a flight here; either way you won’t be sorry you did.