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About Kampala

The cityscape of Kampala is by no means typical of the central African metropolis. Its fast-developing suburbs have moved to incorporate surrounding villages and town steads in recent years, assimilating them in the same sea of greenery and gentrified architecture that visitors enjoy wandering and exploring today. Located on the northern shores of the colossal Lake Victoria the city is also well-placed for adventure travellers and safari hopefuls looking to indulge in a little more off-the-beaten-track than usual.
For shoppers and market-lovers the bubbling inner-city spots on Buganda Road and Owino will offer a melange of quirky makeshift shops and stalls selling everything from local produce to Central African trinketry. Foodies will love the wealth of pop-up restaurants and street side chefs that cook up traditional pork dishes en mass, while there’s also been a distinct upsurge in classier joints in the last decade, especially as more and more international NGOs make Kampala their African base.
Nightlife in Uganda’s capital is defined by a welcoming local character, and guests should ask their Kampala tour guide for insider tips on where to go after dark, a fact that often changes at the whim of football-watching crowds or cocktail-seeking locals.

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