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About Turkey

The only thing as culturally rich as Turkey’s history is its’ present cities. The same land where Ottoman sultans once ruled is now home to the proudly, vivacious Turkish people. And they have plenty to be proud of! Turkey is a thriving country whose unique location between Europe and Asia create a wildly intriguing cultural contrast between its’ regions. Though the stereotypical bazaars and deliciously authentic cuisine are prevalent throughout, the nation is both luxuriously coastal and provincially mountainous.

As any Turkish tour guide will proudly tell you, Istanbul remains one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the world and the Aegean Sea beaches give easy explanation to its’ popularity. Like Istanbul, the rest of Turkey’s coast finds a lovely mix of romance and thrill alongside the long shores and bustling seaside destinations. Meanwhile, eastern mountains overlook the ancient lands and indigenous villages welcome visitors to Turkey’s traditional lifestyle. Keep in mind that winter in eastern Turkey is extremely snow-trodden, making late spring through early fall the busiest tourist seasons for the entire country. 

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