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Thank you for the four very interesting days we spent with you in Trinidad Derik. Not only did you escort us to many of Trinidad's ... More more right

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About Trinidad and Tobago

It’s easy to see why these two tiny islands on the southern cusp of the Caribbean remain steadfast favourites for travellers looking to go a little off-the-beaten-track; there is the jungled backcountry of wild Tobago, the scintillating, untouched sand stretches of Maracas and Los Iros, the multi-coloured reefs of Bucco, and thumping nightclubs of Chaguaramas and Rushworth, the aromatic cook houses that pepper the Port of Spain, the turtle grounds of Matura Beach and the verdant ridges of Trinidad’s Northern Range, all waiting to be explored.
Be sure to ask your Trinidad and Tobago tourist guide about grabbing one of the archipelago’s trademark Bake and Shark creations in Maracas Bay, getting to the know the locals over oodles of fresh seafood and plenty of Caribbean rum punches. Afterwards, enlist for a jaunt to the Caroni Swamps to glide through the mangrove waterways, and spy out the kaleidoscopic array of bird life that nest in the canopies. And if there’s time, stay and dance the calypso in the sleepy dives of Scarborough, discover the wealth of Robinson Crusoe beaches hidden between Tobago’s lush coastal outcrops, or explore the serene monasteries of Mount Saint Benedict.

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