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7 Days Archeology tour itinerary for tunisia: Cover This African Country From North To South

Djerba, Tunis, Tozeur, Douz, Kairouan, Sidi Bou Said, Sbeitla, Carthage, Ksar Hadada, Chenini

Sun and Sand Tour
Archeology Tour
Desert Tour

Visit Grand Mosques, mountain oasis, Ksar Ghilane, to witness dunes, sublime beaches, Roman ruins of Sufetula, Oasis of Chebika, and salt lakes of Chott El Gharsa & Chott Djerid.

DAY 01


  • Reception at Tunis airport and transfer to your hotel according to the flight schedule. 

  • Free day.

Overnight at a 4* hotel

DAY 02

Old Medina - Carthage - sidi bousaid

  • After breakfast, departure to the old medina of Tunis registered in the world heritage of Unesco. With your professional Tunisia tour guide, you will go for a stroll in its alleys to discover its history and the characteristics of its architectural aspect. 

  • Visit the famous Ezzitouna mosque, madrasas and a house of Bey.

  • Eart free lunch. 

  • In the afternoon, we will go north of Tunis to visit the famous ruins of Carthage, a Roman heritage listed in UNESCO heritage too. Visit the ruins, Antonine baths, Roman baths and other components.

  • In the late afternoon, we head to the famous artist village of Sidi Bousaid, famous for its white walls and blue doors. 

  • Free time to stroll and enjoy the view overlooking the Bay of Tunis.

  • Return to the hotel for dinner and evening.

DAY 03


  • At the morning we will take the highway and head to Kairouan considered as the Islamic capital of Tunisia.

  • During this day you will visit: 

    • Big Mosque: The most ancient Islamic religious building in the Moslem West. It was built in 670 during the first campaign to annex Ifriqiya to the emerging Moslem empire. After having chosen the location of the “military camp”- al qayrawan - on the edge of the northern foothills, where he established his troupes after the first victorious offensive, general Okba Ibn Nafaa proceeded to build a seat for the government of the province of Ifriqiya and an oratory of mud-bricks, which, in the IXth century, after being remodelled several times, took on more or less the aspect the Great Mosque has retained to this day.

    • Mausoleum of Sidi Sahbi: This complex stands outside the medina, on the site of the tomb of one of the Prophet’s companions, Abu Zama'a al-Balawi (d. 654), known as Sidi Sahbi, who is considered the city’s patron. 

    • Aghlabid Basins: Built-in a steppe-like, semi-arid zone, the city of Kairouan, when it was founded, had scarce drinking water resources. In 734 – 741 the caliph of Damascus ordered his governor in Kairouan to build fifteen or so water reservoirs in the vicinity to supply the population with drinking water.

    • Old Medina of Kairouan: The first Muslim city founded in the Maghreb, Kairouan played a leading role in the evolution of the history and dissemination of the Arab-Muslim civilization. It has remained the capital and one of the most brilliant centres of Arab-Muslim culture in the Maghreb for five centuries. The value and authenticity of its monuments, the richness and variety of its archaeological treasures, still make this city a living museum.

  • Taste the local pastry of Kairouan: Makroudh.

Overnight at a 5* hotel 

DAY 04

Sofetula - Medina of Tozeur and the palm groove

  • After breakfast, we will head to Sbeitla. It represents the Roman ruins of Sufetula and contains the best-preserved Roman forum temples in Tunisia. It was excavated and restored between 1906 and 1921.

  • Head to Tozeur and enjoy a local meal.

  • After lunch, you will walk in the alleys of the old medina to digest. A walk with your travel guide who will tell you about the historical and unique architectural aspects of this medina.  

  • Later in the afternoon, you will have the choice to walk in the palm grove or to book a carriage ride and enjoy the greenery of the oasis.

Overnight at a 4* hotel. 

DAY 05

Mounatin oases : chebika - Tamerza and Mides and Mos espa

Fill the day full of adventure and discoveries:

  • The Oasis of Chebika: This oasis is considered the most beautiful of Tunisia. It is located near an old village, very pretty, (former Roman military camp: Ad Speculum) which offers him the source of water necessary for the growth of its palm grove and where the view is impregnable. Despite the multitude of children who run after you, and the small sellers of roses who improvise guide occasionally (which is, however, part of the charm of Tunisia).

  • Tamerza: You will enjoy the waterfall Tamerza, about 5 minutes from the village, as well as the strolls both exotic and refreshing in the palm grove.

  • Midès: An accessible canyon 10 minutes from a winding road, the closest to the Algerian border. Midès and its region have been the ideal setting for many big-screen films, such as Fort Saganne or the English Patient. Take a walk in the heart of the canyon and in the ruins of the old village is needed, with your guide who will make you discover the many fossils and minerals of the area.

  • Mos Espa: After the lunch, we will cross the salt lake of Chott El Gharsa, the big sand dunes to land at the most famous star wars setting in Tunisia "Mos Espa village". Enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets you would ever witness. 

  • Corbeille of Nefta: The area where once flowed sources, water was channelled into a wadi which then branched out to water the palm groves that spans 300 hectares and has nearly a half-million palm.

DAY 06

Chott Djerid - Douz - Ksar Ghilane

  • After breakfast, we will cross Chott Djerid, the biggest salt lake in northern Africa with more than 500 km square. This lake is most known for the phenomenon of mirages.

  • Arrive at Douz the desert gate where you will have free time to stroll in its market, then we will enjoy a lunch in a local restaurant.

  • After lunch, we will head to Ksar Ghilane, an oasis in the middle of the desert that grew thanks to its natural hot water spray.

  • Enjoy a swimming moment at 25°  water then you will have the time to book a dromedary or quad ride on the dunes (optional). What makes Ksar Ghilane special is that the greenery of the oasis embraces the ocher color of sand dunes offering a unique landscape. 

  • Later this evening, we will head to the Zmela Camp (over 20 km from the oasis) situated in the middle of big sand dunes. Take your tents and enjoy one unique sunset upon the top of the dunes (see photos).

  • 18h30: Watch a demonstration of preparing sand bread will be organized (bread baken under the embers).

  • Enjoy dinner at the camp and free time to watch a starry sky where the  Milky way seems at hand.

Overnight under a tent.

DAY 07

Chenini - guermessa - Ksar hadada - djerba

  • Our last day of adventure towards Djerba.

  • Go off the beaten track to go to Chenini: Probably the oldest Berber town in Tunisia, it is located 18 km from Tataouine. From far away it looks like a little Nativity Scene replica made of stone colour dominated by a white little mosque that stands up among the sandy coloured rocks. At first sight it looks completely abandoned, but the truth is that Chenini is inhabited by about 600 people, mostly farmers and artisans who will impress you with their crafts and painting. And maybe why not, they might take you around for a little tour and even let you step on the little roofs.

  • Go to the village of Guermessa to enjoy our lunch with another Berber village view.

  • After lunch, we will head to Ksar Hadada: Ksar Hadada is still expanding his ghorfas, one-storey granaries. The rounded domes of the roofs, buttressed buttresses that support the walls are typical of Berber architecture. Whitewashed stairs allow you to go from one level to another. Do not hesitate to climb on the terraces to enjoy the surrounding panorama. These places also served as a backdrop for the shooting of "Star Wars". Indeed, this fortified village was used in 1997 as a backdrop for the slave district of Mos Espa, the mythical village of Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader, in the movie The Phantom Menace.

  • After our visit, we will head to Djerba. 

Installation at a 4* hotel.

End of our services  

  • 3200 EUR Per Group (* up to 2 persons)
  • 5400 EUR Per Group (* up to 4 persons )
  • 7400 EUR Per Group (* up to 6 persons)
  • A private Toyota Land Cruiser for 7 days. 

  • The services of a professional Tunisian travel guide approved by the Tourism Office for 7 days. 

  • The services of a professional Tunisian driver approved by the Tourism Office for 7 days. 

  • 2 nights at a 4* hotel in Tunis in half board (dinner and breakfast). 

  • 1 night at a 5* hotel in Kairouan in half board (dinner and breakfast). 

  • 2 nights at a 4* hotel in Tozeur in half board (dinner and breakfast). 

  • 1 night in a camp under a tent in half board (dinner and breakfast) Zmela Camp.

  • 1 night at a 4* hotel in Djerba in half board (dinner and breakfast). 

  • Entry fees to archaeological sites and museums mentioned in the program.

  • Our services 24h/7days.

  • Drinks and personal expenses.

  • Flights.

  • Extra activities: quad - camel riding - carriage, etc.

  • Tips.

  • This program can be customized according to your flight's arrivals and airports.

  • This program can be customized according to your staying days in Tunisia: we can add or remove some steps.

  • This program can be customized according to your accommodation preferences: we can propose guesthouses rather than a hotel for example.

  • Do not hesitate to be part of constructing your itinerary. 

  • A tour that will take you gently from northern Tunisia to the South. From Tunis and the ruins of Carthage, through Kairouan and its grand mosque, Tozeur and its mountain oasis, Ksar Ghilane and its sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see to the island of Djerba and its beaches sublime. A trip not in Tunisia but in time between the Romans the Phoenicians towards the bedouins and the Berbers of the south.

Djerba, Tunis, Tozeur, Douz, Kairouan, Sidi Bou Said, Sbeitla, Carthage, Ksar Hadada, Chenini

Sun and Sand Tour
Archeology Tour
Desert Tour

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