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8 Days History tour itinerary for turkmenistan: Learn The Rich Heritage Of This Asian Country

Ashgabat, Dasoguz, Mari, Balkanabat, Bayramali, Kunya Urgench, Turkmenbasi

Architecture Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour

Go on an unforgettable tour in Turkmenistan. Start in the capital with Park of Independence, Arch of Neutrality, Monument of Ashgabat, Indoor Ferris Wheel, and other before heading into the countryside. Yangigala Canyons, Seyidjemalettin mosque, Caspian Seashore just to name a few. 

DAY 01


  • Meet the group at International Airport of Ashgabat. 

  • Check into the accommodation in the hotel. 

  • Go on a city tour visiting the place of interest: State historical reserve “Nissa” UNESCO world heritage. 

  • Stop for lunch. 

  • Continue the tour to Park of Independence, Arch of Neutrality, Monument of Ashgabat, Indoor Ferris Wheel “Alem”, “Gulistan bazaar”, also known as “Russian bazaar”. 

  • Drive back to the hotel. 

Overnight in hotel.

DAY 02

Ashgabat - Kow-Аta - Nohur

  • Eat breakfast.

  • Tour the memorial complex in Kypchak village and Gokdepe Fortress and Saparmurat Hadji mosque (45 km westerly of Ashgabat).

  • Visit a private horse stable. Famous, “Fast as a Wind”, Akhalteke horses glorified Turkmen country all around the world and shown at the national herb of the country. Akhalteke horse breed was found via Turkmens 5000 year before in foothills of Turkmenistan. Turkmens are natural horse riders.

  • Drive to the underground lake “Kow-Ata” (100 km westerly of Ashgabat). Underground lake Kow-Ata. In the depths of 60 meters from the entrance to the cave of Kopetdag mountains located lake with healing water, which breaths with warm steam. Swimming in water has a beneficial effect on the body and helps cure many diseases.

Переезд в подземное озеро «Ков-Ата» (100км западнее Ашхабада). Подземное озеро Ков-Ата. 

  • Break for lunch at the place.

  • Drive to Nohur – a village in the mountains (50 km from the cave). High in Kopetdag mountains, village Nohur and neighbouring villages located on the steep sides of the mountain valleys and totally different from other regions of Turkmenistan. Surrounded by mountains, the village provides a unique opportunity for walk-in nature and deeply fell rural lifestyle. Explore the place. 

  • Check out the accommodation in the guest house and eat dinner.

DAY 03

Nohur - Balkanabad - Yangigala - Gozli–Ata

  • Wake up for breakfast. 

  • Drive to Balkanabad (420 km westerly of Ashgabat). 

  • Eat lunch. Drive to Yangigala Canyons with your Turkmenistan tour guide.

  • Explore the canyons (130 km westerly of Balkanabad) with marvellous natural objects like Yangigala Canyons located North-West of Turkmenistan in Balkan region. Translation from Turkmen language Yangigala means fire fortress. This name canyons received because of the red colour, which was made by nature mountain ranges and cliffs. 

  • Drive to the holy place of pilgrims Gozli – Ata. 

  • Do camping and enjoy dinner.

DAY 04

Gozli–Ata - Аwaza - Turkmenbashy - Ashgabat

  • Rise up for breakfast. 

  • Drive to national recreation zone “Awaza” (200 km from Yangigala). 

  • Walk on Caspian Seashore. 

  • Transfer to the airport of Turkmenbashy for a flight to Ashgabat. 

  • Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. 


DAY 05

Ashgabat - Mary - Ashgabat

  • Transfer to the airport for a flight to Mary. 

  • Eat breakfast. 

  • Visit Museum of Ethnography of Mary Region.

  • Drive to Bayramali (30 km). 

  • Tour around State Historical Reserve “Ancient Merv” – “Queen of the World”, one of the important capitals of Islam, alongside with Bagdad, Cairo and Damask. The most prosper of Merv were XI-XII centuries, when it was capital of the Great Seljuk Empire. Their Empire stretched from the Amudarya river until the Mediterranean Sea. Seljuk’s Merv occupied more 640 hectares and was one of the prosperous cities of that period. It attracted scientists and traders from all world of Islam. However, Merv couldn’t resist assaults of Mongols in 1221 and was totally demolished with all marvellous monuments. 

  • Stop for lunch. 

  • Drive to Ashgabat (350 km). 

  • On the way, do shortstops in Abiverd – ruins of the Seyidjemalettin mosque. 

  • Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. 

Accommodation. Overnight in hotel.

DAY 06

Ashgabat - Dashoguz - Kunyaurgench - Darvaza

  • Wake up to breakfast. 

  • Transfer to the airport for a flight to Dashoguz. Arrival. 

  • Drive to Kunya Urgench (105 km).

  • Visit State historical reserve “Ancient Kunyaurgench” - huge complex with ruins and monuments of modern Kunyaurgench. Famous scientists, like Ali Biruni, Avicenna had worked here. City fought back against an army of Genghis Khan. From that period exists the only a couple of architectural monuments and buildings, but many major parts of monuments explored and studied. This place is still holy for the Muslims. 

  • Stop for lunch. Drive to Darvaza. 

  • See the Gas Crater at Darvaza is located in the middle of Karakum desert and it’s a huge burning hole with the long flames. Light of the flames is seen many kilometres from. 

  • Explore the place and enjoy dinner (barbeque). 

  • Stay overnight at tent camp.

DAY 07

Darvaza - Ashgabat

  • Eat breakfast. 

  • Drive to Ashgabat via Yerbent village (250 km southerly of Darvaza). 

  • Find accommodation in a hotel. Time on your own.

DAY 08


  • Enjoy breakfast. 

  • Transfer to International Airport of Ashgabat. Farewell. End of tour.

  • 1320 USD Per Adult (* 20 pax)
  • 1370 USD Per Adult (* 10 pax)
  • 1375 USD Per Adult (* 8 pax)
  • 1390 USD Per Adult (* 6 pax)
  • Invitation

  • Registration

  • Accommodation (twin or double)

  • Camping tents with sleeping bags

  • Turkmenistan guide

  • Comfortable transport

  • Meal (FB) during all route

  • Entrance fee

  • All Transfer

  • Daily1.5lt water

  • Fee for using cameras on monuments

  • Insurance

  • Visa fee

  • Migration tax (12$ + 2$)

  • 8-Day Tour Asb-Ahal-Balkan-Mary-Doshoguz

Ashgabat, Dasoguz, Mari, Balkanabat, Bayramali, Kunya Urgench, Turkmenbasi

Architecture Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour

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Davut Gosha

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