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7 Days Tribal Experience tour itinerary for tajikistan: Get Aquanted With The Culture Of Pamir Folks

Dushanbe, Khorugh, Rushon, Qal'ai Khumb

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Tribal Experience Tour

Get introduced to the culture and history of different tribes in Tajikistan. It starts and finishes in Dushanbe city. During the trip, you will visit Hulbuk fortress, Hamadoni mausoleum, Museum of Khorog city, Yamchun fortress, Mubarak Wakhani museum, and Karon ancient settlement.

DAY 01

Dushanbe - Qalaikhum

  • Meet your Tajikistan tour guide at the airport or hotel in the morning. 

  • Drive to Qalaikhum town. 

  • Cruise along the Panj river and Afghan border. 

  • Visit the local mosque in Qalaikhum. The tour guide will tell you about Arab conquer of Central Asia and spreading Islam. 

  • Explore the House of Culture of Qalaikhum town and acquainted with traditional clothes and differences in culture of Tajik tribes.

DAY 02

dushanbe - rushon

  • Drive along the Afghan-Tajik border. 

  • Arrive in Rushon. 

  • Meet a local family, and get introduced to the life of local folks. 

  • Attend “Madokhoni” singing ceremony, traditional dances and learn the meaning of “Madokhoni”.

DAY 03

rushon - khorog

  • Transfer to Khorog city – the capital town of GBAO province of Tajikistan. 

  • Explore the Shia Ismaili mosque. Get introduced to Shia Ismaili philosophy. 

  • Head inside the Muhammad Rajput museum.

DAY 04

Khorog - Yamg

  • Do a tour of a Buddhist monastery and get acquainted with the pre-Islamic culture of Tajik people. 

  • Visit the Mubarak Wakhani museum. Mubarak was a great representative of the Sufi branch of Islam.

DAY 05

Yamg – Langar – Bulunkul lake - Jelondi

  • Drive along the Wakhan corridor with an amazing view to Afghanistan (In some parts even Pakistan). 

  • Arrive at Bulunkul lake. 

  • Continue driving to Jelondi mineral hot spring resort.

DAY 06

Jelondi – Qalaikhum

  • Head back to Dushanbe. 

  • On the road, stop at the Karon ancient settlement.

DAY 07

Qalaikhum - Dushanbe

  • Proceed to Dushanbe. 

  • Visit the Museum of Antiquity. 

  • Conclude the trip by getting awarded a certificate of completing a Cultural Tour to Tajikistan by Panj – Travel.

  • 2300 USD Per Adult
  • Transportation

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  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Tajikistan Tour Guide

  • Drinking water

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  • Alcohol beverages

  • Souvenirs

  • During the trip will be organized:

    • Traditional dances of Pamirian people

    • Madokhoni signing ceremony

    • Master class of cooking Plov

    • Master class of cooking Nosh-Khakhpa

Dushanbe, Khorugh, Rushon, Qal'ai Khumb

Museum Tour
Jeep Safari Tour
Tribal Experience Tour

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