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8 Days Culture tour itinerary for Dushanbe: Celebrate The Navruz Holiday In Tajikistan


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Be a part of the beautiful festive days, when spring arrives in the ancient Tajik land, bask in its splendour and participate in fun-filled activities and functions. Treat your taste buds to the best of local delights and take back home a spectacular experience. 

DAY 01


  • Meet and greet your Tajikistan tour guide/operator at the Dushanbe International Airport. 

  • Fuel up on delicious national cuisine and if time permits tour along the Central Avenue of Dushanbe, Rudaki Avenue, which connects all the main attractions of the city.

Overnight stay at the hotel. 

DAY 02


  • Proceed to the National Library: the library is a state cultural institution, a national repository of the heritage of science and culture, an archive of the national periodical press. There are 6 million books in the library. 

  • Follow it up with a visit to the National Palace: the palace is the place where the president of the country functions, where the reception of important guests of the republic, such as heads of state, international organizations, etc. takes place. 

DAY 03


  • Kokhi Nowruz: new construction of 12 unusual halls, each of which is made in its own special national style, reflecting the history and culture of the Tajik people and it can receive 3200 guests at one time.

  • Saunter in the Iram Park: The Botanical Garden is located in the northern part of the left bank of Dushanbe. The garden is located in the Ismail Somoni district of Dushanbe and faces the western side of the banks of the Dushanbe River. The garden area reaches 40 hectares. The central entrance to the garden is organized from the east.

DAY 04

Gissar mountains

  • March ahead to the Hisor Fortress and Museum which is 3000 years old, located 26 km from Dushanbe (to the west).The fortress is an open-air museum.A number of legends from the work of Firdousi “Shahnameh” are connected with the Hisor fortress

  • Teahouse 'Kharbuza': the teahouse has no analogues in the world, it was erected in the form of a melon (taj: - kharbuza).The teahouse 43 meters high, 100 meters long and 55 meters wide is designed to receive 2,300 visitors at a time.

  • Mausoleum of Mawlono Yakubi Chrakhi: YAKUB IBN USMAN AL-CHARKHI (1[sensitive content]) - religious leader, spiritual leader of the Sufi Tariqah Hajagan-Naqshbandi.Sheikh, the eighteenth in the golden chain of succession of the sheikhs of the Tariqah

  • Marvel at the Museum of Antiquities its exhibits are often exhibited at exhibitions [sensitive content]fascinated by the masterpieces of world history and culture and learn the history of Tajiks, one of the most ancient peoples on earth.

  • Survey through the TC 'National Crafts': the shopping center is located in the center of Dushanbe and presents for the display and sale of needlework of national artisans.Each product in its own way reflects the culture and history of the Tajik people.

DAY 05

Bokhtar Village

  • Climb to the top of the Kurgan Hill, a symbol of the city, a watchtower of the late 19th century. The hill on which it is built is considered artificial, and it dates from the 9th-10th centuries.

  • Visit the Bibikhonum Museum: this is a city museum located in the city center, created in 1999. The interesting round museum building with a tower in the middle is also the subject of admiration and special pride of the townspeople. The collection of the museum has more than 1,500 exhibits reflecting the history of the formation and development of the city of Bokhtar

  • Ramble at the Ajina-Tepe, a hill 12 km east of the city of Bokhtar (Kurgan-Tyube) with the remains of a Buddhist monastery of the VI-VIII centuries.

DAY 06


  • Soak in views of the Khujand Fortress: the fortress was founded in the VI-V centuries BC.The city and the citadel-components of ancient Khujand had separate fortress walls, surrounded by a wide and deep moat filled with water.

  • Arrive at the Arbob Palace which is 10 km from the city of Khujand.It was built in 1950 on Arbob Hill, modelled on the Peterhof Palace near St.Petersburg in a reduced and altered form.The palace was created on the initiative of twice Hero of Socialist Labor Saidkhoja Urunkhodjaev.In 1992 the historic 16th session of the Supreme Council was held in this palace.

  • Scan the Panjshanbe-bozor/bazar: Sheikh Muslihiddin complex, a monument of folk architecture of the 16th century.Located on the west side of Panjshanbe Square.The mosque was built in 1[sensitive content].

  • Return to the hotel and have your dinner en-route. 

DAY 07


  • Have your breakfast at the hotel. 

  • Attend the Nowruz celebration square (Central stadium of Khujand). On this day, until 2:00 p.m, visit the celebrations of Nawruz in Khujand and its environs.

  • Return to Dushanbe hotel and have dinner en route. 

DAY 08


  • Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel.

  • Visit the Ashan Shopping Center (for those who have free time).

  • Drop-off at Dushanbe International Airport.

  • 990 USD Per Adult , 900 USD Per Child
  • Transfer/transport service.

  • Meals (full ration).

  • Accommodation (Hotel-2*, 3*, 4*).

  • Tajikistan tour guide (Persian, English and Russian speaking).

  • Insurance.

  • Visa support (Official invitation letter).

  • Entrance fees for visiting places.

  • Tourist tax.

  • International air tickets.

  • Personal costs, alcohol drinks etc.

  • In case of any change in the list of services (according to wish for traveler), the cost of the tour program will be changed. 

  • NOWRUZ (with Tajik (Persian) language 'New day' – a true masterpiece of the peoples of the East-the Aryans, including Tajiks.

  • The origin of this holiday has its roots in the pre-written era of human history. It acquired official status in the Hachomanish Empire (VI-IV centuries BC).

  • On September 30, 2009, Nowruz was included by UNESCO in the Representative List of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind, since that time March 21 was declared as the international day of Nowruz.


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