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About Thailand

Equally rich in culture and exoticism, there are few countries as intriguing as Thailand. In a place where modest East Asian culture meets a wild, partying philosophy, this is a destination like no other. Venerable ostentatious temples and spiritual Buddha shrines are the cornerstones of both rural and urban Thailand culture, calling on the region’s strong Buddhist community. Perhaps it is this religious connection that creates nationwide serenity, to calm even the most chaotic of Thai cities. On the outskirts of that chaos lays jungle-rich beaches and islands as pristine as a paradise. Golden beaches thriving with beachgoers, or contagious with the calming luxuriousness of its’ respite resorts exist in endlessness on this multi-coast country.
Whether you choose to visit the island’s elephant populations, shop for its indigenous products that make delightful souvenirs or sip tropical cocktails on the sand, local cuisine remains the nation’s most consistent draw. As your Thailand tour guide will tell you, homegrown ingredients fill tabletops with flavor and community, enticing visitors to engulf themselves in the region’s indigenous essence and engaging disposition.