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About Zanzibar

For many people the idea of Zanzibar is one of blue skies, tall palm trees dotted along white sandy beaches and the still aquamarine sea of the warm Indian Ocean. You aren’t far wrong but this archipelago is also home to a number of beautiful and historic buildings. Hire a Zanzibar Travel guide on a walking tour of Stone Town, strolling through the Forodhani Gardens to the Old or Arab Fort. Partially renovated, the Zanzibar Cultural Centre hosts dance and music shows in the open air amphitheatre. Previously the home of the Sultan, the white double storey Beit el-Ajaib or House of Wonders has been converted into a museum dedicated to Swahili and Zanzibar culture. Large decoratively carved doors welcome one to the oldest Mosque in Zanzibar, the Malindi Mosque. Further down the road is the large imposing Church of Christ, built on the grounds of where the biggest slave trade market used to be. Next to the Cathedral, is a monument and museum depicting the history of slavery in Zanzibar. Once called Spice Island, numerous spices and exotic fruits are grown on the Island and a trip to Darajani Market will tease your senses with the smells of cardamom, cloves and saffron. Enjoy a freshly squeezed mango or pineapple juice or a cup of spiced tea as you watch the sun slowly setting on this idyllic island.

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