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About Moshi

The perfect base camp for visitors interested in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the bustling town of Moshi sits just to the south of the great volcanic peak, operating in its perpetual snow-capped shadow all through the year. A coveted hiking destination, there are plenty of Moshi tour guide services offering excursions to Kilimanjaro, with packages encompassing each of the eight trails to the summit.

Moshi is also a well-established safari destination, and there are a number of lodges just outside of town that will help you explore the diverse fauna of Tanzania’s grassy northern plateaus. In the town itself the sprawling market places are immersive hotspots of local energy, where a real variety of hand-made arts and crafts are touted daily, while the nearby Maasai villages offer a fantastic introduction to the culture of Tanzania’s traditional tribespeople.

Moshi is compact and more budget-friendly than nearby Arusha, and while it’s a town largely known for its proximity to Africa’s tallest mount, there’s a wealth of other activities on offer; from daily walking tours, to volunteer activities in local NGOs. 

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