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About Taiwan

TourHQ guides to Taiwan are at hand to help travelers gawp at the soaring structures of Taipei, unravel Han history, seek out the bulwarks of Fort Zeelandia, walk the forests of Alishan – the list goes on!

Once a stronghold of Chinese aboriginal tribes, the island nation of Taiwan was only finally conquered by foreign powers at the beginning of the 17th century, ushering in a process of hybridisation that’s left myriad cultural threads lingering throughout its energetic hi-tech metropolises, rural temples and tranquil backcountry of mist-clad hills and snow-capped mountains.
Most notable, of course, is the hand of China in the west, which manifests right across the board, from the Confucian complexes of Tainan, to the spicy, steaming Szechuan noodle broths served up on the corners of Taipei. Then there’s the Dutch colonial touch found at Fort Zeelandia, and the lingering influence of the Japanese from the north, whipping past with the punctual trains, or bustling about the port districts of Kaohsiung.
Of course no traveller should miss the heady fray of Taipei, with its soaring skyscrapers and bustling food courts, but as any Taiwan tourist guide will say, there are treasures aplenty away from the cities here too, from the gushing waters and rugged walls of Taroko Gorge, to the thick cypress forests and misty hills of Alishan.

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Private Tours, Excursions & Sightseeing in Taiwan


From USD 40

The City's Night Market!

4 Hours

Take a walk in the 24-hour food street in Keelung night market, with an open air seating which is a favorite venue of visitors on a cruise or arriving from Taipei. Located near the centuries ...


From USD 300

Relaxing Hot Spring Tour in Beitou

6 Hours

Need a break from shopping? You will certainly be in an ultimate relaxation by taking hot springs in Beitou District of Taipei. The area is closed to Yangmingshan National Park and surrounded by ...


From USD 350

Hike through beautiful landscapes in Taiwan's capital city

5 Hours

Spend half day away from the city to explore the Yangmingshan (陽明山) National Park in Taipei. Famous for its unique volcanic geology and topographical sights, with signs of volcanic activity ...

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