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About Switzerland

The birthplace of chocolate and cuckooing clocks, political liberalism and winter sports, the nation of Switzerland is crowned by the chiselled Matterhorn and endowed with the very roof of Western Europe’s most dramatic Alpine ranges, making it one of the world’s most enticing travel destinations to boot.
Today, the inner mountain ranges buzz with the cream of the continent’s jet set high society. They come to sip champagne in the world-famous après bars of the Graubunden and the Berner Oberland, while clusters of other winter sports enthusiasts flock here for a taste of Europe’s best kept slopes and mountain towns.
In the summer, the Alpine valleys bloom, opening up streams of meandering trails and wondrous vistas of glacier-topped peaks. Some come to wander the looping circuits that wend around the base of the Eiger, while few dare to adorn mountain gear for the dangerous trek up its craggy face.
But, as every Switzerland tourist guide will tell you, it’s not all about mountains and peaks in this landlocked corner of Europe. There are cities too; metropolitan melting pots of grand banks and super-chic café bars that vivify late into the night.