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Review for Helena Tomasson, Tour guide in Malmo, Sweden

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Review for Beta Larsen, Tour guide in Malmo, Sweden

About Malmo

Perched on the very tip of the Swedish south, the city of Malmo was originally founded as a Danish port city, connecting Scandinavia with other economies across the Baltic Sea and the north coast of Germany. Today, its character is veraciously cosmopolitan, boasting countless constituent creeds and characters, and a real patchwork of influences from across the globe. This is evident in the proliferation of Turkish falafel joints, curry houses and Japanese restaurants that dot the area around Little Square in the Gamla Staden, not to mention the foray of accents and tongues that visitors will hear as they wander its streets!
Malmo has also established itself as one of the hippest centres in Sweden, attracting great swathes of Copenhagen’s boho students in the summer, who come across the colossal Oresund Bridge to enjoy the funky super clubs and quirky cafes of Mollevangstorget and Lilla Torg.
Sightseers should be sure to ask their Malmo tourist guide for tips on the tri-square area in the centre, while other major monuments include the great Malmohus Castle, the architecturally-inspiring Turning Torso scraper, and a number of sprawling inner-city parks.

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