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About Helsingborg

Helsingborg, Sweden is an idyllic arrangement of an old, wartime Europe province and trendy, modern destination. Located a stone’s throw across the sound from Denmark, Helsingborg has been the site of many bloody battles fought over the skinny stretch of international water surrounding it. Today, that same sound sees no more activity than the repetitive 20-minute ferry ride circling happy travellers between Helsingor, Denmark and Helsingborg. The days of war and tension are long gone, leaving a rejuvenated, upscale waterfront to thrive amidst cobblestone streets and enchanting castle ruins.
Antique architecture has provided a charming backdrop for the city’s nightlife and foodie hotspots, while museums exploring both past and present find a happy niche amongst the varied streetscape. For the quintessential Helsingborg experience however, a Helsingborg tour guide will encourage all visitors to get on a tura. A local tradition of dining on ferryboats, tura is the perfect avenue to fully enmesh oneself in this city’s culture as well as discover the dazzling coastal beauty of this must-see Swedish town.

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