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About Sweden

The largest of the Nordic countries,  Sweden is a peace-loving and stylish secular state bordering the arctic edge of the Earth. It’s about the size of California but considered small, with around 9 million inhabitants dwelling in southern cities and scattered about the iconic mountainous regions of the north. It’s easily one of the most visually beautiful countries in the world, a fact travel guides to Sweden won’t shy away from. Tourists have every reason to be drawn in by this aesthetic charm, picture-perfect and idyllic in every way.
The best time to visit is easily during summer (May through September) when the cold eases up and you can truly enjoy the scenery. It’s an ideal destination for outdoors - or even ‘soft’ adventure - activities, like sailing, cycling, hiking and even foraging. In fact, mushroom and berry-picking are considered national pastimes, a classically Swedish practice that stretches back to the times of the Sami, a nomadic society indigenous to the area. Food travelers will revel in the rustic elegance of Nordic cuisine, rich in hearty flavors typical of cold quarters.

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