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About Mbabane

As you might expect Swaziland’s capital is small, sleepy and surrounded by natural wonders. Located in the far north-west of this minute and land-locked nation of East Africa, Mbabane is sprawled out over the undulating ridges of the Dlangeni Hills, where a cooler climate makes it a great base from which to explore the adrenaline-heavy destinations all around.
Be sure to ask your Mbabane tourist guide about making an excursion to the nearby wonder at Sibebe Rock, a colossal granite monolith that protrudes magnificently into the air above the Mbuluzi River basin. Here, there are hiking trails and rock climbing opportunities, the perfect daytime activity to work up an appetite for a bowl of Swaziland’s sishwala porridge, laden with local vegetables and fruit.
Many travellers also opt to use Mbabane and its smattering of well-developed accommodation lodges as a jump off point for the Ezulwini Valley nearby. Shrouded by the majestic Mdzimba Hills, this wild enclave has some of the country’s best safari tours to offer, not to mention breath-taking panoramas to boot.

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