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About Suriname

When intrepid travellers dare to loop the entire South American continent, Suriname rarely makes the list of must-see sights. And it’s a wonder why not, what with its mega diverse flora and fauna, multicultural mix of heritages eco-tourism ethos, Suriname is steadily becoming the up-and-coming underdog travellers are moving to the tops of their lists.
Formerly known as Dutch Guiana and currently referred to as “the beating heart of the Amazon”, Suriname is home to Indian, British, Chinese, Dutch and African descendants. Just a few of the languages spoken here include Dutch, English, Taki-Taki, Javanese and Hindustani. Its colourful colonial capital Paramaribo is where you can see this diverse melting pot of people come together harmoniously amongst UNESCO-designated architecture. It’s also the only city in the country!
Tour guides to Suriname will send you straight to the rain forest, the country’s crown jewel swimming with Brazil-bound rivers and all kinds of wildlife. Among the most important attractions to see here, you’ll want to witness the waterfalls of Brownsberg National Reserve and the wildlife at Raleighvallen Nature Reserve.

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